A Brief History of the Order of the Dragon

The Kingdom of Annam was founded in 2874 BC. The modern Kingdom was unified in 1788 by the King of Hue, titled The Emperor of Annam since 1802.

The Order of Dragon of Annam was created on 14th of March 1886 in the ancient Vietnamese  city of Hue, by His Majesty, The Imperial Emperor of Vietnam, Emperor Dong-Khanh, ancestor of the current Grand Master, His Imperial Highness Prince Nguyen Phuc Buu Chanh of Vietnam.

The Order was originally created to reward and acknowledge those outstanding individuals who had performed both military and, non-military services to the Imperial Vietnamese House of Annam.  

In 1976, after the fall of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the Order was abolished by the Communist government of the day, however it was never a communist award and the "fons honorum" always rested with the Imperial House of Annam. 

At times during its honoured and revered history the Order of the Dragon of Annam was also bestowed by the French Colonial Government, and later the Republic of South Vietnam. However, the Order always was, and to this day remains the real, personal and dynastic property of the Imperial Vietnamese House of Annam. 

In the 21st century, the Order has changed little from its' original focus and is today bestowed upon worthy individuals who have distinguished themselves in the service of the Imperial Nguyen Family. Those worthy individuals, who are distinguished with the Order of the Dragon of Annam, join with the Imperial Family, to work peacefully towards the moral, intellectual and economic restoration of a democratic Vietnam.

Members of the Order of the Dragon of Annam support the social and charitable works of the Imperial Family for the benefit of all Vietnamese people, and in particular the Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League, which is that group of people who wish to see the end of communist tyranny.

The Order of the Dragon of Annam works peacefully towards the return of human rights and the restoration of the last legitimate government, the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty, in a democratic Constitutional Monarchy.

A Constitutional Monarchy in Vietnam will provide freedom, and a government representative of all Vietnamese people, while preserving the rich culture and heritage of Vietnam in its ancient Imperial traditions. 

The Order of the Dragon of Annam, is the Real, Personal, and Dynastic property of the Imperial Nguyen Dynasty